who we are

Medcom based in Jakarta, our main business is


Human Provider (Outsource, Headhunter)


Training Management (Soft Skill, Hard Skill and Functional)


Consultant IT ( Infrastructure, Development, Operations, Security )

Vision :

To be a superior company in the field of IT Consultants, Medical Solutions, Head Hunter, Training Solutions

Mission :

Providing Dedicated, Honest and Responsible Resources through Training both soft skills and Technical skills

Building Development and Networking Infrastructure and the best service

Becoming the Best Technology-Based Medical Equipment Provider in Indonesia

Medcom has the overall skills and experiences required by  this industry to deliver customer specific expectation – solution.  some executives may figure that they can save a bit of money  by handling the search

in-house. However, Executive Search consulting is a specialized form of management consulting, which frequently provides significant benefits beyond search including assessing an organization and its culture, integrating a new leader for optimum success and advising

Executive leadership and boards. A contingent recruiter, on the other hand, is focused on identifying potential candidates and helping a client narrow the candidate pool.